Earl's Scene: On Page 50 When Hugh Freeze was interviewing Michael Oher it was in the perspective ofHugh What I thought Michael Oher was thinking, I sit there bored out of my mind waiting there while Big Tony spoke to the Freshman football coach, Finally He calls in Steven and then me, I squeeze into the tiny office and the look on his face was of pure shock. They continued to talk and occationally i nod or grunt to show that I was paying attention even though I was completely aloof to what was going on.
(Austin's comment would not post and Caleb was absent for that day of class)

tprinsen's comment:
I think that it is very sad that all the teachers think that Michael Oher is stupid. At the end of page 59 and the beginning of page 60, one teachers had to almost yell at all the teachers to tell them that he is not stupid and that he actually pretty smart. Michael is a very tall, big, not heavy because of fat, but because of how muscular he is.

Davis scene:
The scene i choose was when Big Mike went with the Football team up to Kentucky. early in the game Michael caught his hand on an opponent's face mask and gashed the webbing between his fingers. Five of the medical crew workers tried to subdue him into allowing them to see his hand. It took all those men and still no luck with him opening his hand until Leigh Anne came down from the stands and forced him through verbally scaring him into opening his hand.


Who do you relate to most?

Earl: He relates mostly to Stephen right now because Stephen is smart and kind of underground. He is not someone who really stands out to everybody (like Michael Oher).

Davis: He relates mostly to Michael Oher because he is a verbal and visual learner just like Michael. He doesnt do as well in the normal classroom.

Travis: He relates mostly to Michael Oher because he isn't good at taking tests just like Michael.

Austin: He relates mostly relates to Michael Oher because he stands out with his size just like Michael. He also is very intimidating to look at just like Michael.

Who is so far the most influential character?

We decided that Leigh Anne Tuohy was the most influential character so far because she was the one who took the initiaive to take Micheal in and take care of him. She was the one who was the back bone in the process after Michael had in fact gotten into the high school. She too fullresponsibility for him, as the book said on page 75, "she took over the management of that life (Michaels life), completely." She really took the initiative to advance Michael's life nd education.

What is the main character's flaw?

We thought that Michael's main flaw was his education. He had not been educated at all and was only passed through his earlier grades bcause the public school system didn't want to deal with him. He was physically built and very shy socially. He wasn't mean to people, and never seemed to get angry. His major flaw was his acedemic and social upbringing. As the begining of the book stated on page 46, "The grade point average the boy would bring with him to Briarcrest began with a zero: 0.6."