• West Memphis
  • East Memphis
  • Briarcrest Christian School
Which is most pertinent: We decided that Briarcrest Christian School is the most pertinent setting the book, because a lot of the activities that Michael partakes in are based around Briarcrest.

Most symbolic: We decided that West Memphis was the most symbolic setting because it is where Micheal was based out of and represented a big part of Michael's early life. His background was in West Memphis.

The one that most contributes the message the author aims to communicate in the book: The setting of west Memphis and east Memphis in unison help to deliver the message that connections are important to help people to excel in life. Even if someone has a lot of skill they may be overlooked if they do not have the connections to improve their lifestyle. Similarly, Michael transitions from an area with no connections or opportunities to a place where he got connected and excelled.

Here is our csetting map (its a little hard to see all of the details).