Warm Up:
Spiderman- With great power comes great responsibilty.

Finding Nemo- Being overprotective can cause more problems than it solves. Fight for a reason.

The Sandlot- Maners are important. Sports are important because they start friendships and they can improve your circumstances if you are good enough at the sport.

Blind Side Book Theme:
1. Connections and a strong family environment can get you far.
EX1: In the book, Michael starts out with little to no hope. He lives in the ghetto and has no money. Then he gets connected with a wealthy family and they provide for him and set him up to a good college and eventually get into the NFL.
EX2: On page 322, the author commented that, "Apart from the seven foot tall basketball player, the six five, 350-pound kid who could fly had to be about the easiest future star to identify. And yet, without outside intervention even his talent would quite likely have been thrown away. Michael Oher's talent would have become just another big fat man: Big Mike. If Michael Oher's talent could be missed- whose couldn't." The quote explicitly reveals the idea that without certain connections or a strong foundation, it is very difficult to reach success.
EX3: Even Michael said on page 325 that, "I'm exactly the same guy I was back in Hurt Village. The only thing that's changed for me is the environment." It was his change in environment that brought him success.
2. Getting involved in the wrong crowd can bring you down and prevent you from achieveing your dream.
EX1: When one of the other teenagers in Hurt Village was offered the opprtunity go to Florida State University on full ride scholarship, he refused to go because his friends convinced him at college was not worth the time commitment and that he was not tallented enough to make it to the NFL. However, his back-up in high school went on to play for the Green Bay Packers and many scouts said that he was good enough to go to the NFL even when he was going in to college. His friends prevented him from playing in the NFL and from having a successful life.
EX2:On page 310 of the Blind Side, Big Tony said, "He didn't have nothing to turn to. What chance did he have to go straight? He had no chance." (in relation to getting out of the hood if a person dropped out of high school). His quote showed that if Michael stayed in his area he could never have been connected to the right people. That would have kept him from fulfilling his dreams.
3. Generosity can improve others' lives and give you good karma.
EX1: On page 318, Carly Powers, the athletic director of Briarcrest declared, "Yeah, we helped Michael Oher. But I tell you something else. Michael Oher helped our school. He gave a lot of people here some hope that if you help some of these kids, it is possible that they'll come around and make something of their lives." Her quote was a perfect example of an experience of where helping others can bring you back blessings of your own.
EX2: For the Tuohy's, they had no idea that their investment in Michael would come back to benefit them. They started out by simply helping a boy who had a pair of shorts and two T-shirts. However, their kindness gained dividends as Leigh Anne noticed that Michael had both changed their lives by giving them a new perspective on life and ended up providing their family with a son that had a large pay check for playing football.

In the trailer for The Blind Side, it is noticeable that one family's kind actions changed a young man's life forever. Both of their lifestyles were very different, yet when they were intertwined Michael was given a strong foundation in a family and connections to a picture of success. The Touhy's also benefitted as their eyes were opened up to another type of lifestyle that they had never been apart of before. In that way, Michael was kept out of trouble, and the Touhy's were shown another way of living.